Expertise in Aerobic Septic System Maintenance

When you want your aerobic septic system to perform at its optimal level, you need to call in the pros at Aerobic Wastewater Service for the required maintenance. Our residential and commercial maintenance contracts/inspection agreements are available across Montgomery County, Walker County and surrounding areas. We also service commercial wastewater treatment systems.

Our inspection agreements include preventive maintenance. We do an inspection of the entire system once every four months. Most of the time, we are able to detect issues and prevent malfunctions that could become costly repairs.

Aerobic septic systems use natural processes for wastewater treatment and are similar to any conventional septic systems in this respect. However, unlike the conventional septic system treatment, the aerobic process needs oxygen. That is why the aerobic treatment units, utilize a mechanism to inject and circulate air inside the treatment tank. The conventional septic systems are one of the major sources of groundwater pollution in some regions and therefore, it makes sense for homeowners to opt for an aerobic system instead of a conventional one.

Our Aerobic System Maintenance Contracts/Inspection Agreements Include Inspection of:

You Will Receive:

  • Three Inspections

  • Cleaning Of Air Filter/s

  • Checking System for Air Leaks, Making Sure All Fittings Are Secure and Tight

  • Visually Checking Pressure and Rotation of Spray Heads, if System Has Adequate Amount of Effluent

  • Checking Chlorine Residual

  • Checking P. H. Level

  • Checking High Level Float and Pump Float

  • Core Sample, of Pump Tank, to Check the Sludge Level

  • Notifying You When Your Tanks Need Pumping

  • Submitting All Documents to Your Permitting Agency

  • We Leave a Door Hanger with Your Inspection Results

  • For Your Convenience, We Also Offer a Worry Free Chlorine Service, One Less Thing You Have to Worry About

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